Commissioning & Testing

We offer mobile, onsite testing services

Safe, secure and reliable supply of power

Nexus Power is UK owned and operated, with the head office based in Lancashire. We offer mobile, onsite testing services adhering to industry Standards and industry best practices for high voltage electrical insulation testing, with particular emphasis on supplying clients with market leading, detailed and accurate reporting documentation.

The ultimate aim of this specialised diagnosis and reporting service is to identify opportunities to improve the safety and reliability standards of equipment and facilities, so operators can make informed decisions to ensure the safe, secure and reliable supply of power.

Our dedicated team has had many years of training and experience, specialising in the following areas:

  • Long HV cable VLF testing and commissioning for the LNG projects
  • Standard HV cable VLF testing for all industries
  • Cable fault location (Bridge, TDR, Impulse)
  • HV/ PD/ DLA Commissioning tests for HV Plant
  • Switchgear diagnostic testing
  • Transformer testing (bushings, windings)
  • Instrument transformer testing (CT, VT)
  • HV Switching

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